SKF BA1-9498 Steel Wheel Bearing

SKF BA1-9498 angular contact ball wheel bearing with steel balls. For LMP2, LMP3, GT3/GTE.

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Product Description

SKF BA1-9498 angular contact ball wheel bearing with steel balls.

Applications for this bearing include: LMP2 front, LMP3 front, GT3/GTE front and rear, and GP 2 rear.

Hybrid bearings are a solution for improved performance and reliability under severe operating conditions like motor racing. They contain rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride (Si3N4) which makes them electrically insulating.


Inner Diameter: 90mm

Outer Diameter: 115mm

Thickness: 13mm

Balls: Steel

Rows: Single

Product features

    • Electrically insulating between inner and outer rings
    • High wear-resistance
    • Higher stiffness compared to equivalent all-steel bearing
    • Excellent tolerance to poor lubrication
    • Low friction
    • High speed capabilities
    • Tolerant of vibration and oscillating applications

User benefits

    • Extended service life due to lower operating temperature compared to all-steel bearings
    • Insulates and eliminates electric current damage to bearings in electric motors and generators, even at very high frequencies associated with inverters
    • Extended grease life
    • Reduced maintenance cost
    • Energy saving
    • Environmentally friendly

The SKF Racing bearings range has evolved significantly over recent years, providing a range of tailored products to the most prestigious motorsport brands in the world.

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