Lifeline Zero 360 Remote Charge

The Zero 360 remote charge system extinguisher offers all the benefits of using the Novec™1230 gas system with a self-pressurising cartridge. Ideal for prototype vehicles, Sports, GT as well as all other categories.

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Product Description

Zero 360 Remote Charge Series.

The remote charge system uniquely self-pressurises once activated and distributes only pure undiluted NOVEC™ 1230 suppressant. As a result, is one of the most effective fire extinguisher systems currently available for motorsport.

The latest model is reduced in weight by having the remote cartridge integrated onto the side of the cylinder.

The Zero 360 extinguisher range is the result of extensive research and development and a significant step forward in motorsport safety. It utilises Novec™ 1230 fire suppression gas which is non-conductive and super efficient at tackling fires that are even out of direct sight of the nozzle.

Convincingly passing FIA regulation tests conducted by the British Standards Institute, the Zero 360 has moved the boundaries of motorsport fire extinguishers and has been awarded a FIA homologation number EX.028.08.

  • Smaller and lighter than ever
  • 1.5kg system available for single seaters/prototypes, 2.0kg version for circuit cars and a 3.0kg version for Rallying
  • Constant discharge in any orientation
  • Excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities
  • Two year service cycle

Manufacturer product codes:

  • 106-001-003-B : 1.5kg bottle only
  • 106-001-003: 1.5kg bottle and fitting kit
  • 106-001-006-B: 2.0kg bottle only
  • 106-001-006: 2.0kg bottle and fitting kit
  • 106-001-009-B: 3.0kg bottle only
  • 106-001-009: 3.0kg bottle and fitting kit

Lifeline fire extinguishers are constructed using only the finest materials and components and end users have the reassurance that they are being protected by the very best safety fire systems available.

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