SKF Wheel Bearings BAH-0197C Formula 3

SKF Wheel Bearings BAH-0197

Sealed and greased wheel bearing.

For Formula 3, front and rear application.

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Product Description

SKF Wheel Bearings BAH-0197

BAH-0197 sealed and greased wheel bearing.

For Formula 3, front and rear application.

The BAH 0197 is a development of the 633007C. They are the same bearing dimensionally however the BAH 0197 has a non contacting seal with a labyrinth design and therefore less friction, also there is a special grease compared to the standard.

The professional bearings choice, SKF have been involved with F1 since 1947.

Hybrid bearings – a solution for improved performance and reliability under severe operating conditions. SKF Hybrid bearings combine rings made of bearing steel and rolling elements made of bearing grade silicon nitride (Si3N4) which make them electrically insulating. They are dimensionally interchangeable with similarly sized all-steel bearings and can substantially improve reliability and robustness when incorporated into new or existing industrial equipment.

This is particularly true in applications where bearings are exposed to contamination by abrasive particles, poor or inadequate lubrication conditions, vibration or the passage of electric currents; any of which can potentially cause damage and premature failure of standard bearings.

Product features
• Electrically insulating between inner and outer rings
• High wear-resistance
• Excellent tolerance to poor lubrication
• Low friction
• High speed capabilities
• Tolerant of vibration and oscillating applications
• Higher stiffness compared to equivalent all-steel bearing

User benefits
• Extended service life due to lower operating temperature compared to all-steel bearings
• Insulates and eliminates electric current damage to bearings in electric motors and generators, even at very high frequencies associated with inverters.
• Extended grease life
• Reduced maintenance cost
• Energy saving
• Environmentally friendly




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D_(mm), 90
d_(mm), 50
B_(mm), 34
C_(N), 60500
Co_(N), 47500
Rows, Double
Balls, Standard




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