SKF Racing Bearings

SKF high precision bearings offer superior performance for motorsport applications.

SKF are leaders in producing cutting edge, low friction bearing technology that provides excellent reliability and performance for racing. The racing range overcomes the challenges of extended high speed operation and extreme vibration when extra rigidity and low heat generation is required.

SKF provide bearing solutions for all sorts or moving components in motorsport, from wheel end and engine bearings through to suspension and transmission bearings. An extensive range of standard and customised angular contact ball bearings are available, alongside high performance cylindrical roller bearings which are drop-in replacements for lower-specification, original components. Variants can be offered open or greased and sealed.

You may find the SKF Bearing Calculator particularly useful. This app lets you choose and calculate the appropriate bearing for your application and is available on smart phones.

Interex Motorsport is an official distributor of SKF Racing bearings – we can supply the race components you require and help advise on part identification and suitability.

SKF racing bearings for motorsport
Additional Categories
SKF kart bearings for karting

SKF Kart Bearings

SKF kart racing bearing units have a patented outer profile design which avoids misalignment, since the kart bearings themselves are designed for regular and easy removal for cleaning. Ceramic kart bearing options are available for extended life low friction and increased stiffness.

SKF hybrid bearings EV vehicles

SKF Hybrid Bearings

The SKF hybrid bearings range is designed for use in electric vehicle motorsports where the powerful electrical motors can be very damaging to bearings. However, hybrid bearings contain silicon nitride, an effective protective electrical insulator that reduces the risk of damage caused by AC and DC electrical currents.

SKF racing hub bearing units

SKF Hub Bearings

SKF wheel hub bearing units are integrated suspension subsystems designed to provide a higher load bearing capacity for improved cornering and stiffness in racing. If used in conjunction with SKF’s central nut hub bearing unit technology, which is designed with minimal bolts, there is potential for faster pit wheel changes.

Other SKF Components

SKF Control & Rod Ends

Used to connect suspension arms to the main chassis, an excellent finish and extremely tight tolerance is required to maintain suspension performance with minimal play. Different liner materials are available for maximum reduced friction.

SKF rod end bearings

SKF Greases

Lubrication is a key issue in racing components that often run close to their operation limits. SKF offer a selection of greases specifically for motorsport applications, which also help protect surfaces from dirt and wet racing environments.

SKF racing greases lubricants

SKF Bearing Seals

Bearing seals are necessary to prevent contaminated lubricants. SKF offer a variety of sealing solutions which include rubber shaft seals and PTFE seals.
For Rally, which conditions are much harsher than typical track racing, additional external seals are available which further protect from water and mud.

SKF bearing seals

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