ATL Fuel Saver Cells

ATL Saver Cell are FIA FT3-1999 approved and available in 20, 30, 40, 45, 60, 80, 100, 120, 170 litre sizes. Constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy (FIA Homologation No ATL-565).

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Product Description

ATL fuel Saver Cells are FIA FT3-1999 approved. Constructed from a unique, tough plastic alloy conforming to FIA Homologation (No ATL-565).

Each saver cell is fully foam baffled inside to reduce fuel movement and to assist suppression during any explosion.

FIA certified Fuel Cells have a 5 year lifespan. However it is possible to recertify for an additional 2 years if fuel cells are returned to ATL for inspection.

All saver cells with the exception of the 20litre 4″ x 6″ are supplied with:

  • 6″ x 10″ standard ATL Cell top plate
  • 2 x -6 ‘Duck-Foot’ fuel pick-ups (with sock filters)
  • 1 x -6 roll-over vent valve
  • Ø 2.25” filler neck with anodised ¼ turn filler cap with non-return valve
  • Pre-marked level sender pattern
  • Internal Safety Foam Baffling

20litre 4″ x 6″ cell supplied with:

  • 4″ x 6″ standard ATL Cell top plate
  • 1 x -6 ‘Duck-Foot’ fuel pick-ups (with sock filters)
  • 1 x -6 roll-over vent valve
  • 1 x Ø 2.25″ filler neck with safety valve and cap.
  • Pre-marked level sender pattern
  • Internal Safety Foam Baffling
CapacityContainer Dimensions / WeightPart Number
20L (4″ x 6″)329 x 329 x 225mm – 3.75kgSA-AA-030
20L (6″ x 10″)329 x 329 x 225mm – 3.75kgSA-AA-240
30L505 x 305 x 223mm – 5.60kgSA-AA-040
40L602 x 314 x 254mm – 6.90kgSA-AA-050
45L502 x 437 x 234mm – 6.95kgSA-AA-060
60L602 x 437 x 234mm – 8.10kgSA-AA-070
80L A639 x 639 x 213mm – 9.80kgSA-AA-080
80L B623 x 415 x 337mm – 9.80kgSA-AA-090
80L C845 x 435 x 235mm – 10.60kgSA-AA-100
100L A737 x 432 x 356mm – 10.80kgSA-AA-110
100L C623 x 413 x 426mm – 11.21kgSA-AA-120
120L A639 x 639 x 331mm – 12.40kgSA-AA-130
120L B639 x 470 x 429mm – 12.10kgSA-AA-140
120L C848 x 437 x 359mm – 12.40kgSA-AA-150
120L D623 x 413 x 540mm – 12.45kgSA-AA-160
170L639 x 639 x 426mm – 14.90kgSA-AA-170

Please note:

All saver cells are supplied as standard with yellow safety foam baffling for petrol use. However can be supplied with a blue foam designed for use diesel and Methanol fuels.

All Saver Cells experience some swelling when subjected to fuels (typically 2-4% linear). Please allow 2 weeks for Saver Cell bladder dimensions to stabilise.

To comply with FIA regulations, Saver Cells must be installed within an aluminium container. Interex Motorsport can also supply the correctly sized aluminium container. Please take into account the dimensions of the aluminium container and not the Saver Cell when checking chassis fitment. It is not recommended for customers to build their own aluminium containers without consulting ATL as any sizing issues may invalidate warranty.

ATL fuel cells and fuel bladders can be found in racing cars competing at all tiers of motorsport.

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