DP Hurricane Series

DP Hurricane Series wheel gun for motorsport – best practice for Formula 1, Indycar, Formula 2, DTM and Endurance.
The Hurricane Dino Paoli wheel gun offers increased performance and improved ergonomics over its predecessors and is from the unrivalled pit stop series catalogue. Paoli endeavour to offer solutions for a faster pit stop!

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Product Description

DP Hurricane Series wheel gun for motorsport – best practice for Formula 1, Indycar, Formula 2, DTM and Endurance.

Upgraded: improved performance, increased gap between tightening and loosening and removed old wax casting handle for better handling.

  • More power / more gap
  • Available with a built-in oiler in the handle
  • Ergonomic trigger made of stainless steel
  • New carbon peek vanes
  • DP Hurricane LH, DP Hurricane RH and DP Hurricane UH guns distinguishable through coloured coded mushroom and cover ring design
  • Aerospace 7075 aluminium cover or Optional carbon cover
  • Titanium rotor or Optional 1000 cycles rotor – thanks to geometric design brings doubled life expectancy
  • Spline drive ready* for future upgrade
  • Available in the classic handle design or 90 degree angled handle
  • Available as 2 port or 3 port
  • Hurricane 2.0 available with increase robustness and reliability, faster at reaching the required tightening torque and electronic device readiness – see technical data sheet.
Square drive1 inch1 inch
Max torque4300 Nm (4200Nm UH model)3172 ft-lbs (3100 ft-lbs UH model)
Supply hose inside diameter13 mm0.51 inch
Air inlet3/8″ BSP3/8″ BSP
Length203 mm7.99 inch
Weight3,70 Kg8.15 lbs
Max pressure25 bar362 psi
Free speed15000 rpm  (14800 rpm UH model)

Available as:

  • DP Hurricane LH – left hand version (blue) to loosens nuts tightened clockwise faster
  • DP Hurricane RH – right hand version (red) to loosens nuts tightened anticlockwise faster
  • DP Hurricane UH – The special unhanded version (black) to loosens both the nuts tightened clockwise and anticlockwise

Manufacturer codes:

Hurricane.001, Hurricane.002, Hurricane.003, Hurricane.004, Hurricane.005, Hurricane.006, Hurricane.007, Hurricane.008, Hurricane.009, Hurricane.010, Hurricane.011, Hurricane.012, Hurricane.013, Hurricane.014, Hurricane.015, Hurricane.016, Hurricane.017, Hurricane.018, Hurricane.019, Hurricane.020, Hurricane.021, Hurricane.022, Hurricane.023, Hurricane.024, Hurricane 2.01, Hurricane 2.02, Hurricane 2.03, Hurricane 2.04, Hurricane 2.05, Hurricane 2.06, Hurricane 2.07, Hurricane 2.08, Hurricane 2.09, Hurricane 2.10, Hurricane 2.11, Hurricane 2.12.

Dino Paoli wheel guns are used throughout the entire racing spectrum and currently by all Formula One teams, which is a hallmark to the quality of their products.

Download Dino Paoli Hurricane classic handle

Download Dino Paoli Hurricane 90 degree handle

Download Dino Paoli Hurricane 2.0

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