Dino Paoli Wheel Guns

Paoli have been motorsport wheel gun innovators since 1968.

Dino Paoli’s continuous investment in research over many generations has led to their success in delivering teams world class racing wheel guns specific to the needs of all categories (or formulas) of motorsport.

Paoli love to look forward and they know that attention to detail makes all the difference. Paoli are suppliers to all Formula One teams, which is a hallmark to the quality of their products.

Direct integrated involvement with the top motorsport constructors enabled Dino Paoli to develop a selection of recommended tools and equipment which are highly credited by all users.

Interex Motorsport is an official distributor of Dino Paoli Pit Stop wheel guns – we can supply the race components you require and help advise on part identification and suitability.

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Paoli pneumatic wheel guns

Paoli Pneumatic Wheel Guns

Wheel gun technology has constantly evolved through Paoli, with innovation forever pushing the boundaries of possibility. The modern day pneumatic range has vastly increased to offer the wheel gun of choice, no matter what your specific requirement is for.

Paoli electric cordless wheel guns

Paoli Electric Cordless Wheel Guns

Paoli’s cordless battery powered wheel guns are ever popular in touring and rally championships. Performance is improved on each new release with the newest models using lithium batteries. And now, the first electric wheel gun tested in a live motorsport world championship is available to the market.

Paoli wheel gun sockets

Paoli Wheel Gun Sockets

Paoli’s new wheel gun sockets are of exceptional quality and strength. New research and development has paved the way for improved strength, durability and performance. The range comprises titanium, special steel and aeronautical aluminium catering for versatility and all budgets.

Other Dino Paoli Products

Paoli Impact Wrenches

Paoli impact wrenches are iconic. From the Italian headquarters, high quality, robust impact wrenches are constructed to meet the needs of professionals working in the automotive tyre and mechanical workshop industry.

Paoli impact wrenches

Paoli Air Supply Systems

Full specification pneumatic air systems for your wheel gun of course are available from Dino Paoli, including air bottles, pressure regulators, compressors and quick release couplings and hoses.

Paoli air supply systems

Paoli Accessories & Servicing

Interex Motorsport can help race and rally teams and constructors with service support, accessories and replacement parts.

Dino Paoli service parts accessories

Heavy Industry Equipment

Industrial sectors like the railway, mining and oil & gas require large, high strength tools when fastening tooling. Dino Paoli manufacture industrial and mining equipment which is available from Interex Automotive.

Industrial impact wrenches

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Interex Motorsport are UK based exporters of high-performance engineering components and equipment to race teams, constructors and performance shops around the world.


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