Goodridge Brake Line Kits

Goodridge braided brake line kits are made from high performance stainless steel.  When the ultimate in braking performance is required, champions turn to Goodridge brake line kits.

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Interex Motorsport are UK based exporters of high-performance engineering components and equipment to race teams, constructors and performance shops around the world.


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All Goodridge brake kits come complete with all necessary fittings for the specific vehicle model acquired for. There are no requirements for additional banjos or low specification universal fixtures. All brake lines are 100% pressure tested, corrosion resistant and come with a leak free and lifetime guarantee.

Goodridge was the first company to produce braided stainless steel brake lines for automotive use. Once recognised for delivering superior high performance, it wasn’t long before they became established as the standard brake line in motorsport around the world.

Factory fitted brake lines are traditionally manufactured of rubber material. Under high pressure, rubber tends to expand and contract and over time performance in braking will decrease, noticeably with soft “spongy” brake pedal performance. Goodridge brake lines simply don’t expand and will provide high performance precision braking every time.

Goodridge hoses & fittings are the ultimate solution for fluid transfer systems.

Interex Motorsport is a dedicated supplier to the motorsport industry. However, we recognise there maybe retail demand for the high performance engineering components we offer. We can on occasion supply direct to retail customers but please note that we may have a minimum order value.

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