Goodridge hoses and fittings

Goodridge Hoses and Fittings

Goodridge is a world leader of high performance hoses and fittings used in motorsport.

Goodridge flexible fluid hoses and fittings have been tested and proven in the most demanding environments. Their motorsport reputation has been built on components providing superior performance time after time and their ultra-light weight PTFE hoses are the first choice for many leading F1, IRL, NASCAR and WRC teams.

Goodridge recently celebrated over 50 years in business and their success from a small operation to a global leader in fluid hoses and fittings is a testimony to their outstanding quality. Goodridge offers solutions to maximise the potential for your motorsport team.

Interex Motorsport is an official distributor of Goodridge hoses and fittings – we can supply the race components you require and help advise on part identification and suitability.

Goodridge Categories
Goodridge brake line hose kits

Goodridge Brake Line Hose Kits

Goodridge was the first company to produce braided stainless steel brake lines for automotive use. Once recognised for delivering superior performance, it wasn’t long before braided hoses became established as the standard hoses line in motorsport.

Goodridge clutch line hose kits

Goodridge Clutch Line Hose Kits

Factory fitted clutch lines are traditionally manufactured of rubber material which under high pressure tends to expand and reduce in performance. Goodridge clutch hoses simply don’t expand and will provide high performance every time for motorsport applications.

Goodridge hose fittings

Goodridge Hose Fittings

Goodridge’s comprehensive range of lightweight alloy hose end fittings are precisely engineered to ensure a secure, leak-free connection every time.

Permanent and rapid release hose fittings are available with all time alignment and 360-degree swivel end attachments.

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