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Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Systems

Lifeline’s fire extinguishers and safety products have improved driver safety for over two decades in motorsport. 

Starting back in 1994 as a small company based in the United Kingdom, Lifeline’s mission was to develop and improve motorsport safety for drivers from grass roots right through to formula racing.

With their own inhouse design and development team, the company has been able to constantly release new products that meet the requirements of stringent motor racing specifications.

At the heart of Lifeline’s safety range is their high-performance motorsport fire extinguishers, including a new EV motorsport extinguisher.

Interex Motorsport is an official distributor of Lifeline motorsport products – we can supply the race components you require and help advise on part identification and suitability.

Lifeline motorsport fire extinguisher

Lifeline Water Fire Extinguishers

After 25 years of continuous service, the Zero 2000 range of plumbed in extinguishers is replaced by Zero 2020. Delivering on Lifeline’s core engineering principles, the new Zero 2020 range is smaller and lighter than its predecessor while still delivering increased levels of safety to competitors. 

Lifeline Zero 360 fire gas extinguisher

Lifeline Gas Fire Extinguishers

A high quality, innovative fire suppression system which has been the choice for many of the world’s leading constructors over the last 25 years. The Zero 360 SFI system uses a fire suppressant gas which ensures fast fire knockdown and is one of the lightest and most compact extinguishers available in motorsport. 

Lifeline 275 Compact Fire Extinguishers

Lifeline 275 Compact Extinguishers

Utilizing feedback gained from many of the world’s leading constructors, Lifeline developed a simple installation kit and electronic control system making the Zero 275 perfect for competitors looking to save weight, cost and complexity.

Other Lifeline Components
Lifeline motorsport harness

Lifeline Race Harnesses

New to Lifeline’s safety range is racing safety harnesses. Designed and manufactured to FIA regulation standards and made from high quality aerospace grade materials in the UK. Lifeline are confident in their superior quality harness over competitor alternatives.

Lifeline high intensity LED rain light

Lifeline Rain Lights

High intensity rear LED rain lights that provide the best visibility in the most extreme situations and is homologated for competition use by the MSA and FIA. New additional flash light feature to ensure the products compliance with future regulation changes.

Lifeline roll cage bar padding

Lifeline Roll Cage Padding

Simple the best safety roll bar padding which far exceeds the current FIA conformity requirements. Superior cockpit protection for impact protection and flame retardancy. Various internal diameters are available.

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