ATL Fuel Cells and Refuelling Equipment

ATL is the world’s leading manufacturer of FIA approved fuel equipment for motorsport.

ATL’s cutting-edge, advanced coated composite materials made their way into motorsport with constructors demanding state-of-the-art technology for fuel cell safety development. Now considered the industry benchmark, they are extremely durable, lightweight and remarkably crash resistant and explosion suppressant.

Formally known as Aero Tec Laboratories Ltd, their technologies are used across the full formula spectrum including every car on the Formula One grid and have done so for over 30 years!

Interex Motorsport is an official distributor of ATL fuel equipment – we can supply the race components you require and help advise on part identification and suitability.

ATL Fuel cells and refuelling equipment
ATL Fuel Cells

ATL Fuel Saver Cells

The rigid Saver Cell standard range is the foremost choice among clubman competitors, but fully bespoke bladder style systems are available such as those used in F1, LMP and WRC cars. These cells meet the FIA FT3-1999 specification.

The regulatory required aluminium fuel cell casings are also available.

ATL Super Cells

ATL Super Saver Cells

The Super Cell 100 and 200 ranges feature heavy duty linings filled with safety foam baffling that provides outstanding protection against fuel spillage and fire. They are to FT3-1999 and FT3.5-1999 specifications.

The 200 series is additionally constructed from ATL’s lightweight Kevlar reinforced fabric for maximum strength.

ATL Bladder bag tanks

ATL Liquid Bladders

ATL bladders (also known as bag tanks or fluid vessels) are collapsible and yet reliable for handling not just fuel, but water for use in washer reservoirs, spray injector reservoirs, brake cooling as well as oils and other chemical fluids.

Bladders can be manufactured to specific size and plumbing requirements and made from light to ultra-lightweight materials.

Other ATL Products

ATL Refuelling Rigs

Exceptional quality 200 litre ATL refuelling rigs with adjustable booms are designed to reduce pit stop times. Certified to FIA and WEC/ELMS specifications.

ATL refuelling rigs tanks

ATL Refuelling bottles

ATL offer a wide range of refuelling bottles designed for various refuelling neck lengths and angles in different litre container sizes.

ATL refuelling bottles

ATL Fuel Probes & Valves

Dry break technology for much of ATL’s range ensures no spillage in and around motorsport environments. ATL’s refuelling bowser case also offers safe storage and transfer of fuel between paddock and pitlane locations.

ATL refuelling probes and valves

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