Stäubli Clean-Break Filling In & Off Race

Stäubli Advanced Filling System SAF

FIA approved. Refuelling during race pit stop and practise round.

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Product Description

For Fuel

Stäubli Advanced Filling System SAF

FIA approved. Refuelling during race pit stop and practise round.

Clean-break, non spill design
prevents any spillage while connecting / disconnecting.

Safe sequential connection
The safety systems prevents any fuel release until the socket is fully connected to the plug.
Once the connection is made, the valve opens and allows fuel to flow until the operating levers are released.

Easy to operate
Push and keep the two levers down to secure the connection with the plug.
The socket is equipped with “the dead man principle” function.

Coaxial design

Only one supply / vent hose. Stäubli’s advanced design enables safe and efficient fuel filling during pit stop operations.

For Oil

Safety quick-release couplings SPM

Clean oil refilling on motorbikes or cars.

Complete recessed mounting into your crankcase
Designed to prevent any track pollution risk due a spillage, the SPM coupling is completely integrated into the crankcase.
It is therefore well protected against shocks and stay tight, even in fall situation.

Clean-break, non-spill design
Connection and disconnection without oil loss and pollution of the circuit.

Easy to integrated
The SPM range is directly adaptable to your crankcase.

Light weight
Designed to combine lightness and compactness, the SPM coupling contributes to the optimization of your performances.

Staubli motorsport parts are engineered light and compact, super robust and trusted by many race teams and engineers.

For your reference, you can find more information from Stäubli via the below PDF attachments. For any questions, please contact us for more information.

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