QuickSilver Exhaust BE600S – BENTLEY Bentayga W12 Active Valve Sport System 2016 on

A lighter weight component that replaces both Primary and Secondary Catalysts to offer a more efficient flow. The section also shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing the sound for a crisper, richer note throughout the rev range.

QuickSilver Exhaust
BENTLEY Bentayga W12
Active Valve Sport System
2016 on

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QuickSilver Exhaust BENTLEY Bentayga

A lighter weight system that has more efficient flow and shows a noticeable improvement in throttle response whilst enhancing that sports car sound.
The system is designed to work with the engine, so at lower revs the sound remains relatively civilised and at higher revs it provides more presence and volume.

QuickSilver Exhaust BENTLEY Bentayga KEY FEATURES
– Wonderful deep muscle rich sound.
– Active Valves
– Stainless Steel.
– Cat Back System
– Improved throttle response.
– Retains original tips to keep the look.

QuickSilver was founded in London in 1973.
The original stainless steel exhaust manufacturer. Quicksilver provides stainless steel and titanium exhausts for most classic and modern carsAt this time, the average life expectancy of the original exhaust system was only 18 months. There was a demand for something better. . .. . .so, QuickSilver created exhausts from Stainless Steel that would last the life of the car.
Now, we produce superior exhaust systems for the World’s finest cars that are lighter, stronger, more efficient and enable personalisation.

Quicksilver’s Sports systems enhance the pleasure of driving with a sound appropriate to the driver’s expectation.
With their modern ‘Sports’ exhaust we try to emphasise the character of the existing exhaust note.
Quicksilver’s Mercedes SLS system has a deeper presence while their Aventador systems dramatise the high-pitched shriek.
More volume is not the aim, we try to elaborate the change in note, the crackles, the crisp cut and re-form up and down the gearbox. All those elements that make the fun.
Quicksilver’s library of 3500 exhaust patterns from 1905 onwards, provides your essential resource.
Manufactured from T304 Stainless Steel our system is built to last and comes with our 25 year corrosion guarantee.
This system is hand made to order from an original pattern so sound, look and feel are as closely replicated as possible.


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