Bosch Inline Fuel Pump 200 (0580464200)

Bosch 200 (0580464200) high performance fuel pump is a direct replacement for the classic 044 model. Improved flowrate and lighter in weight and now designed to handle Ethanol fuels.

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Bosch 200 inline fuel pump, model number 0580464200 for external mounting but could be easily fitted to a fuel tank.

The 200 pump offers 15% more fuel flowrate and has been engineered 15% lighter than the original 044 model. Ethanol fuel approved however the pump will have a shorter life than on petrol or diesel fuels.

Bosch’s constantly evolving technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing over the past 35 years allows them to supply Bosch fuel pumps with tight tolerances and compact design, making way for the latest advancement – turbine pump technology. This revolutionary technology replaces older pump designs, providing improved drivability and reduced hot-start problems.

Capacity: 275l/h
Max working pressure: 8bar
Current: 17A at 5bar @ 13V
Inlet: M14x1.5, M18x1.5 with supplied adapter.
Outlet: M10x1 without non-return valve, M12x1.5 with supplied check valve.
Built-in pre-filter of 130 microns (non-replaceable)
Power connection: M5 (-), M4 (+)
Diameter: 52mm, however 60mm adaptor included for original 044 mount
Fuel: Petrol, Ethanol and Diesel.
Voltage: 12V

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