AP Racing Metallic Clutches

AP Racing carbon clutches have set a president in ultimate performance and low weight with 8 out of 10 Formula One constructors trusting their reliable carbon solutions.

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AP Racing Metallic clutches offer excellent performance which has been proven for many years at the highest competition levels of motorsport. They can withstand the tough conditions and their robust design ensures a cleaner and cooler operation.

The Metallic competition clutch range includes both “paddle” clutch systems sintered or cerametallic. Each type is available in a range of spline sizes to suit most racing applications. New features include the Dual Banded technology as well as I Drive system enhancing performance and durability.

Sintered systems are compact, low inertia, lightweight and used in most racing applications. Whereas cerametallic are far more resistant to extreme energy input and long slip conditions which makes more suited to offroad and rally applications.

I Drive: Popular models include the following:

  • CP8773, CP8804 – Endurance
  • CP8022, CP8732, CP8742 – WRC, Rally/touring carr

Sintered: Popular models include the following:

  • CP6001, CP6002, CP6003 – General use
  • CP6013, CP6014 – Endurance
  • CP2116, CP7972 – Rally
  • CP7371, CP7372 – Race
  • CP7381, CP7382, CP7392 – Race/hillclimb
  • CP2125, CP2606,  – Race/Rally

Cerametallic: Popular models include the following:

  • CP7383, CP2817 – Rally/hillclimb
  • CP3745, CP3871, CP3921, CP4560, CP5241, CP5242, CP8842 – Rally/off-road

AP Racing is a world leader in the design and manufacture of clutch systems for motor racing and constantly extends the boundaries of clutch design year after year.

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