12V 2A Lithium Chargers

Our 12V lithium battery chargers have been developed alongside the Varley lithium batteries and offer fast, safe charging.

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Product Description

DMS Part No: UK model 7700-0095 / EU model 7700-0101

Our 12V Racing Battery Chargers have been developed alongside the Varley range of lithium motorsport batteries and is available in either UK or EU models.  The 2A charger has a wide input voltage range of 90VAC – 264VAC allowing it to be used world-wide. Both chargers can safely be left charging Varley Lithium batteries without fear of battery damage.

It is important that lithium chargers are used with the Varley Lithium batteries.

DMS Part No: UK:7700-0095 / EU: 7700-0101
Input Voltage: 90 – 264 VAC
Output Voltage: 14.6V Nominal
Dimensions (mm) LxWxD: 107x67x36.5
Weight: 0.25kg

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