Wheel Alignment Tools & Equipment

One of the most important aspects of a safe race car is the wheel alignment or tracking; correct set up ensures safe and predictable vehicle control. It is also one of the key tyre maintenance factors to ensure optimum performance, even tyre wear and a maximised tyre life through accurate identification of wheel alignment issues.

Interex are distributors for world leading manufacturers of garage equipment and supply a variety of wheel alignment tools as well as digital and analogue castor/camber gauges to ensure optimal chassis set up.

Castor & Camber Gauges

Castor & Camber Gauges
Intercomp and Dunlop chamber gauges
Longacre chamber gauges

Steering Turntable / Turnplates

Longacre turntable turnplates copy
Dun turntable wheel alignment
Intercomp digital mech turn plate

Optical Alignment Wheel Gauge

AGO40 & AGO40L – the industry standard alignment gauge. The AGO40 has been in use since the mid-sixties with almost every garage and tyre shop using a set. It requires no special skills to accurately check the alignment of any vehicle.

Quick and easy to set up, tracking angles are measured in degrees/minutes, which can be converted into millimetres or fractions of an inch giving accurate and consistent results. The laser model casts a beam onto the target plate making it easier to view the reading. These can be packed away flat for easy transportation and storage. A must for any modern workshop.

Dunlop AGO40L Laser Wheel Alignment Gauge

At Interex Motorsport, we can offer teams and constructors a complete professional range of all necessary pit equipment, including pit chassis setup equipment, pit jacks, stands and ramps, paddock transportation equipment, pit refuelling equipment, tyre warmers, pressure gauges, durometers & pyrometers, wheel alignment tools & equipment, pit wheel guns and much more. View our pit equipment brochure or contact us for more information.

Pit lane and paddock equipment

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Interex Motorsport are UK based exporters of high performance engineering components and equipment to race teams, constructors and performance workshops around the world..

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