Wheel Guns

Interex are proud to work closely with Dino Paoli supplying the very best wheel guns as well as pneumatic and cordless impact wrenches for all forms of motorsport. Dino Paoli set the standard in wheel gun design and manufacture supplying not only F1 teams but to all levels of motorsport. Paoli Pit Stop guns are primarily designed for use with centre lock wheels where nuts are handed for use on specific sides of the car. To aid quick removal the guns themselves are also handed and colour coded.

Paoli Wheel Nut Gun
DS2000S Paoli Wheel nut gun
Paoli Torpedo Wheel Gun
wheel gun gloves

Paoli Accessories & Servicing

Interex also supply a full range of accessories including air bottles, connectors, covers, service kits, compressors and much more.

Additionally Interex also provide a fast wheel gun servicing and rebuilding system with all work undertaken at the Dino Paoli factory.

wheel gun accessories
wheel gun bag
wheel gun fast reverse system
Fast Reverse System

Wheel Gun Connectors

Eliminate twists and tangles in airlines with this turning connector. The articulated joint turns through 90 degrees and swivels through 360 degrees on both ends giving you greater gun control every time you pick it up.

At Interex Motorsport, we can offer teams and constructors a complete professional range of all necessary pit equipment, including pit chassis setup equipment, pit jacks, stands and ramps, paddock transportation equipment, pit refuelling equipment, tyre warmers, pressure gauges, durometers & pyrometers, wheel alignment tools & equipment, pit wheel guns and much more. View our pit equipment brochure or contact us for more information.

Pit lane and paddock equipment

Motorsport Specialists

Interex Motorsport are UK based exporters of high performance engineering components and equipment to race teams, constructors and performance workshops around the world..

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