Samco Sport Silicone Hoses

Samco Sport are world leaders in performance motorsport silicone hoses.

Made in the United Kingdom, Samco Sports’ incredibly vast range of reliable silicone hoses are second to none. Samco Sport entered the realm of ultra-high performance with Formula One, World Rally and World Super Bike teams all showing confidence in the quality of their components.

Samco Sport hoses play a huge part in car tuning and high performance motorsport requirements. The silicone hoses are designed to reduce component failure and bring additional track reliability. A Samco Sport upgrade is the most reliable you can make to your engine; they do not degrade and they’re backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Samco silicone hoses are manufactured to the highest standards possible using the best quality silicone material. Every product is 100% visually inspected to guarantee they are the best hoses that race teams can trust.

Interex Motorsport is an official distributor of Samco Sport motorsport parts.

Samco Sports motorsport parts
Samco silicon hose kits

Samco Silicone Hose Kits

Samco have over 500 direct OEM replacement hose kits, with additional racing modification options for both vehicle and motorbike motorsports.

Samco silicone hose parts

Samco Silicone Hose Parts

The wide range of universal parts means you can use hoses for all applications.

The Xtreme range is suitable for applications right up to 250°c offering exceptional high temperature performance.

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