Varley Red Top™ Batteries

The motorsport battery choice of racing drivers for over 60 years.

The Varley Red Top race specification batteries have an extremely high power to weight ratio; combined with a high resilience to shock, vibration and G-force that results in a battery that displays the most desirable characteristics looked for in motorsport.

For this reason, these excellent motor racing batteries are used by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Van Diemen, Tatuus Racing, Mitsubishi Motorsport, Red Bull Formula One and many more – making them the most popular and professional racing battery on the market.

For manufacturer product code and availability reference, you can download the Varley Red Top Product List. As an official distributor for Varley, please contact us directly as we provide bespoke quotations instead of listing prices online.

Varley Red Top batteries, Varley Lithium batteries
Varley Red Top 35 battery2

Varley High power Batteries

The most popular and professional racing battery on the market. The latest standard lead-acid free battery range is available in seven different sizes to suit various racing applications.

Varley Red Top Lithium 900 battery

Varley Lithium Batteries

Varley’s newest Lithium batteries utilise LiFePO4 technology, widely regarded as one of the safest, longest lasting forms of lithium-ion battery available. They have exceptional engine cranking ability and remain extremely lightweight.

Varley Red Top 35 battery engine starter pack

Battery Starter Packs

12V engine start powerpacks designed to preserve the on-board battery. Available with Anderson connectors or with well-insulated crocodile clamps. 12v battery chargers also available.

Are Varley Red Top Batteries good quality?

Trusted by the motor racing industry for generations, these batteries are often a race teams first choice. Despite the excellent high power to weight ratio, the batteries remain very compact, easy to fit and they’re engineered to be leak resistant no matter what extreme conditions or impact they embrace. A full range of housing and battery charges are also available for hassle-free team compatibility.

Are Varley Red Top Batteries suitable for high performance demands such as in motorsport?

The development team at DMS Technologies have a longstanding history with motorsport. Evolution of their motorsport grade batteries has been constant with an ever improving desire to provide more power and yet remain within motorsport statutory requirements enforced by racing institutions and governing bodies. Varley Red Top batteries comply with the non-lead acid regulations.

Where can I buy Varley Red Top Batteries?

For high performance industries like motorsport, you should always consider going direct to an authorised distributor such as Interex motorsport. For race teams, we can offer trade discounts for volume orders and can advise accurate export delivery charges by courier, air or sea freight.  

We are Motorsport Specialists

Interex Motorsport are UK based exporters of high-performance engineering components and equipment to race teams, constructors and performance shops around the world.


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