“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”
Greek proverb

Our responsibilities

With the world's resources under increasing pressure it is important that all businesses large or small conduct themselves in a way that minimises their impact on the environment and on society. Being "Green" is about more than simply the products that you sell, it is also about the way that you do business, how and where you source your products & supplies, the packaging, and also the deliveries.

Because the use of transport is known to be one of the biggest contributors towards climate change it is important for any Company involved in the movement of goods to show that this is one area that they have taken action in to minimise the environmental impact of their business.

At Interex we take these responsibilities seriously and strive to incorporate environmental policies throughout all our business activities; some examples about how we do this are shown below:


Reducing our carbon footprint

We have made many improvements to our office & warehouse building and worked with suppliers to reduce the number of delivery vehicles:

  • Installed low energy high efficiency heating
  • Added additional roof insulation
  • Installed heavy duty clear curtaining at the warehouse door
  • Installed motion detecting light switches
  • Replaced nearly all office lighting with energy saving light bulbs
  • All electrical equipment is switched fully off when not in use
  • Electricity use is electronically monitored
  • Reduced daily deliveries from several local suppliers by consolidating orders which are delivered weekly or bi-weekly

Reduce, Re-use or Recycle

We shred all waste paper and cardboard to make packing materials

All our staff bring in their used cardboard, newspapers, magazines and polystyrene from home which we shred and then use. It is a condition of working here.

All pallets are re-used or recycled - where this is not possible they are used by local residents for garden projects or firewood.

Glass, plastics, toner & ink cartridges and batteries are recycled externally.

We use an internal document management system meaning that we only print when it is absolutely essential - on those rare occassions that we do print all of our printing is double sided.