Stäubli Airjack System

Designed to lift the car with the least effort possible, connects at only 80 N with circuit under pressure up to 40 bar.

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Product Description

Stäubli Airjack System

Stäubli’s high performance air jack system is very easy to connect, even with 40 bar of pressure, and ensures the effectiveness of interventions especially during the race.  Light and compact, the plug is completely integrated on the vehicle. Designed to lift the car with the least effort, the Stäubli air jack solution offers quick operation and optimum safety while lifting and lowering cars.

Airjack Lance

  • Easy to connect.
    Designed to lift the car with the least effort possible, connects at only 80 N with circuit under pressure up to 40 bar.
  • Quick operation.
    Push the socket onto the plug and the car lifts automatically.
  • Two plug versions:
    – valved safety plug
    – plug with integrated venting.
  • Light weight.
    The compact design, choice of light and resistant materials and the swivel option makes the Stäubli Airjack very user-friendly, ergonomic, efficient and safe.

Airjack Quicklift

  • Innovative technology:
    – no internal springs system
    – weight from abaout 800g
    – rapid acting cylinder in both direction
    – compact system.
  • Safety
    Dual safety features prevents accidental deployment of the jack.
    Two versions:
    – regular
    – with integrated exhaust system, rapidly vents direct from the cylinder.
  • Adaptability
    – long threaded sections allows for suitable positionning to your chassis.
    – location rings ensures positive location and alignment.

Staubli motorsport parts are engineered light and compact, super robust and trusted by many race teams and engineers.

For your reference, you can find more information from Stäubli via the below PDF attachments. For any questions, please contact us for more information.

Stäubli Stäubli Low Pressure Circuit Connections

Stäubli Stäubli High Pressure Circuits Connection

Stäubli Stäubli Clean-Break Filling In & Off Race

Stäubli Stäubli Airjack System

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