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Following years of rigorous research ERL have developed Aquamist; a new generation of intelligent water injection systems. The concept of injecting water into the internal combustion engine has been around for over 50 years. But the desire to extract more power from the standard production engine has increased at a neck-breaking speed. They revived this old principle, and applied the latest techniques in both electronic and mechanical engineering to take water injection into the next millennium.


Water injection has been applied in many areas of motorsport from Ferrari F1 cars, Renault F1 cars, circuit racing cars, a wide range of World Rally Championship cars and modified street cars. The Aquamist system uses sophisticated electronics to process engine data and inject a precisely-measured quantity of water into your engine’s intake tract.


Interex are the officially appointed exporters and UK distributors for Aquamist water injection systems. Working closely with the manufacturer we provide the best pricing for export together with rapid despatch by courier or airfreight. If you require any product information or pricing on Aquamist components or systems then please contact us using the information below.


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